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(The following images are low-resolution examples from past Med TechNet presentations. You must be able to display at least 256 simultaneous colors for proper viewing.) JPG Image/Immun. Talk
From Review of Tumor-Associated Antigens Talk
JPG Image/Immun. Talk
From Review of Tumor-Associated Antigens Talk
Med TechNet presentations offer clinical laboratory professionals a simple and cost-effective way to attend talks, from the comfort of home or office. They are designed to simulate a live presentation, where participants are presented with information, complete with graphic images, and are able to discuss the topic with the author and other members of the audience.
The "talk" itself is text that the user reads, but includes high-resolution, full-color graphic images to simulate the associated "slide show" which most speakers use to illustrate their points.

Presentations are not presented in real-time, that is, participants need not conform to the schedule of the presentation.  Instead, participants download presentations, study the material, interact with the author and other participants (via E-Mail) and finally take an online quiz at  their leisure and in a time frame that best suits their (YOUR!) schedule.

JPG Image/PCR Talk
From Using Forensic Science to Catch a Rapist Talk
 JPG Image/PDF Format

Presentations viewed offline in Adobe's FREE Acrobat Reader

The author is available to answer questions, comment further on the topic, and generally moderate a discussion among the group. The discussion can be accessed online, by logging in to Med TechNet (either by a direct call, or Telnet), or via an "Internet mailing list", whereby all messages are automatically sent to a participant's E-Mail address.

Comments and questions may be submitted to the discussion through the same means: simple E-Mail. This means ANYONE can participate from ANYWHERE simply and easily (including "freenets", CompuServe, Prodigy, AOL, etc.).

Med TechNet subscribers participate in online presentations by downloading a presentation file, which is in Adobe's "PDF" format (shown above).  .PDF files integrate the text and graphics, much like an online, color journal article.

To view a PDF presentation, users need a (FREE!) PDF reader.  Readers are available for all popular platforms, such as, DOS, Windows and Mac (among others).

 Image/PCR Talk
From Using Forensic Science to Catch a Rapist Talk


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